Flood bucket supplies needed

The Atchison United Methodist Church needs help from the entire community in collecting flood buckets.

Because of the recent hurricanes and flooding in Florida and Texas, our worldwide church relief agency, UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief)  is in need of additional supplies and funding for flood buckets. UMCOR is a fully-registered 501-C-3 charity that provides on the ground assistance in these areas. Flood buckets are given to those in need to re-supply families with cleaning supplies so they can begin the process of cleaning up their homes after a flood.

1) Provide a monetary donation, check payable to UMCOR. Bring checks to the Atchison United Methodist Church office, 501 Kansas Avenue, church office hours are 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Monday – Thursday; or our Octoberfest booth on Saturday, Oct. 7. Donations must be made by Oct. 7.

2) Provide a specific cleaning supply on the list supplied by UMCOR. They are strict on the type and quality they require, so please purchase items only on this list. Cleaning items that do not meet the requirements will be donated to local charities. Donations must be made by Oct. 7.

We are also seeking volunteers who might be interested in helping us put together the flood buckets. E-mail our church office, office@atchisonumc.org  if you are interested in this volunteer opportunity.


United Methodist Committee On Relief (UMCOR)
1 5 gal. Bucket with resealable lid
Food Lion –You
must special order
2 1qt. Bottle bleach
Dollar Tree 1 50 oz. Bottle liquid laundry detergent
Dollar Tree 1 12-16 oz. Spic&Span household cleaner
Dollar Tree 1 16-28 oz. Bottle disinfectant dish soap
Dollar General 1 16-14 oz. Can insect repellant
Dollar Tree 1 8 oz. Can Air Freshen
Dollar Tree 1 pk
50 clothes pins
Dollar Tree 2 50 ft. clothesline
Dollar Tree 5 Scouring pads
Dollar Tree 1 Scrub brush
Dollar General 7 Sponges (Assorted sizes)
Dollar General 18 Cleaning towels (reusable wipes)
Dollar Tree 1 pk
Dust Mask (5 per pack)
Dollar General 1 pr Work gloves
Dollar Tree or Gen- 1 24 bag roll heavy-duty trash bags (33-45
2 pr Disposable waterproof gloves, rubber or latex

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