Guide for returning to church

We continue to navigate unchartered territory! However, worship and some meetings and church activities are slowly beginning to meet in person. As always, the best answer is whatever you are comfortable with for yourself and your family.
Despite the fact that our own lives and the life of our church has become a bit more complicated, our mission to love God and love others remains simply stated. Methodist movement founder, John Wesley, narrowed it down to three simple rules, “Do No Harm, Do all the Good you Can, and Love God.”
Our church leadership continues in solidarity in operating with care and caution for the most vulnerable among us. Leadership will address the policy on a monthly basis for any appropriate updates. The full working document of Reopening Church building policy and procedures is available upon request from our church office. The below list is a few highlights of how we plan to “do no harm” in our building for ministry work and worship in this liminal time.
• Masks or face coverings are required to enter the building during operational hours and required to remain on throughout Sunday worship, meetings, or other activities.
• Hand sanitizer is encouraged to be used and is available at entrances and in pew seats.
• Everyone who enters the building for more than 5 minutes, must sign-in. Sheet at office door.
• Keep socially distanced, at least 6 ft. apart, wash your hands, and follow all CDC guidelines.
• At this time, the kitchen will not be utilized except for the Loaves and Fishes ministry.
• Plan to arrive between 9:45am and 10:05am for worship.
• Only one entrance off Kansas Avenue will be used on Sundays. Exit after worship from both Kansas and from 5th Street. Households and individuals should keep 6 ft. apart prior to and upon entering.
Facial covering of mouth and nose required the entire time inside building and encouraged, along with social distancing outside.
• You will be asked CDC provided health screening questions and have your temperature taken with a forehead thermometer. Anyone answering yes to screening questions or who tests a temp of 100.4 F or higher will be asked to exit the building.
• Attendance will be taken upon entrance for worship and you will be asked to verify and update your contact information. Any guests
will also fill out contact information.
• On Sundays, the elevator will be in use with social distancing and a greeter will ride with one person or household and touch buttons.
• Offering may be placed in the plate at the top of the stairs, there will also be a basket for Blessing Box donations.
• Ushers will help you find a socially distanced pew seat in the sanctuary.
• Pew cushions, bibles and hymnals have been removed, you are welcome to bring your own personal pillow and bible and return home with it the same day.
• Hand sanitizer is in pew to use following worship before you exit.
• At the conclusion of worship remain seated. Ushers will dismiss from back of sanctuary to front, there may be some wait time for use of the elevator. Please be patient and enjoy the music while you wait.