Being the Church in Pandemic

We continue to navigate unchartered territory! As always, the best answer is whatever you are comfortable with for yourself and your family. “Currently, wearing masks inside the building including worship is your choice as long as Atchison County remains below the “high risk” level as defined by  AUMC continues to follow  CDC  guidelines and our building policy adjusts as necessary. 

Our virus mitigations includes portable Medifyair filtration in the sanctuary, fellowship hall, classroom and meeting rooms.  Attendance is taken, at every gathering, including Sunday worship when greeters will also ask for phone and address in case there is a need for contact tracing.  Hand sanitizer stations are at every entrances and in the ends of each pew seat.  Offering plate can be found just outside the sanctuary entrance as you come and go instead of passing a common plate around pews. is our online giving.  We encourage giving people space in common meeting areas and distance between households including entering and exiting sanctuary and coming forward for Communion.  Communion servers wear masks. 

Our coffee fellowship time used disposable cups and individually wrapped snacks.  Feel free to help yourself and say a quick hello as you head to Faith Formation, or home.  You are also welcome to sit awhile at one of many tables.

Despite the fact that our own lives and the life of our church has become a bit more complicated, our mission to love God and love others remains simply stated. Methodist movement founder, John Wesley, narrowed it down to three simple rules, “Do No Harm, Do all the Good you Can, and Love God.” Our church leadership continues in solidarity in operating with care and caution for the most vulnerable among us.